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What is DREAM India?

Delivering Rational Evolution and Management India (DREAM India) is an indigenous non-profit, charitable trust established in Rayagada, Orissa in 2012. DREAM India was found by Sandesh Kumar Raul (Sunny) DREAM India is a mission to up lift the under privilege people of India mainly the women & little children regardless of its caste, & religion. DREAM India works for under privileged children, poor and widows’ single mothers, slum and tribal and dalit people here in Orissa, India.

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Our Vision

DREAM India has vision for a new generation in India where there is love, joy & peace and all fruits that are mentioned in Galatians 5:22-33. DREAM India has visions to help the under privileged children and help them feed and educate them and lift up slum/basti children giving them free tutorial classes and free computer education and help tribal regions with medical help and educational development. Education development and health care to all needy people.

Aims & Objectives

A small charity has a big impact
Personal & Family Information
The children to whom we help do help their parents by helping collecting stones, selling country liquor, selling something home made in weekly market & etc. Some kids’ parents make stones cheeps {which is a material to construct road}, some kids parents collect some kind of fruits which is a materials for making country liquor. Some children have no fathers where as some have no mothers. Not all are orphan but many are semi-orphan & poor from tribal back ground. Most of the children do not attend school because they are helping their parents. And they have no opportunity to study, they want to study though. Playing cricket and playing group games with other guys & some kind of funny games are favorite activities for the children.
Country Information
Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, china, Afghanistan, and Sir Lanka surround India & enhance its beauty. The country is carrying for more than one Billion people. The second highest population in the world, just the second to China. Indians eat lots of rice & eat spicy food. Rice is the main production in India. About 70 percent of the population is rural. India was independence on 1947, August 15th From British rule. India is a colorful country with super numbers of language, dialects, cultures, Beliefs & customs.
Community Information
The children live in the Pano, Sora, Oriya, Telugu, Parja, harijan community. There are about 500 or 1000 or 1300 or more people live in each village . People live in the village do almost the same kind of job. They drink Streams water; well water and the houses are made of Woods & mud. They sleep in the floor. They speak tribal languages. The main food is rice , lentil, vegetables and potatoes. Common health problems in this area include respiratory disorders, skin infections, flu, asthma, diarrhea, malaria & etc. Most adults in the region work in domestic services and earn about Rs.80/100 per day or could be little more which about 2 USA Dollor per day is. This community needs schools teachers and employment opportunities.
Sponsonship Means
Sponsorship means a person , a church or a group or trust that provides a care assurance to a desperate child. The sponsorship effects to build up a child or a person in the physical, social and spiritual development. A sponsorship is an integral part of our work . We are ever grateful to as such personalities. Every sponsorship gift goes to provide meals, education, and medical care as needed & a safe place to live. Sponsorer can send gifts anything useful. A sponsorer should continue his/her support until a child has completed his/her schooling or even collage. Discontinue in the sponsorship may cause a child’s future in damn, danger & the dream future may come to an end immediately.
Remember The Poor
Who are these children: The children come from the families who are under privilege and below the poverty line. The parents are either beggars or laborers who only live with daily wages they earn. If there is no work for that particular day, then either they will not have food or they need to wait another day to work and have something to eat. DREAM India is able to care for around handful of children and there are many more children who are just able to wish they could have this privilege of access into our school. But many more as such children can be taken care of and be given education and fed well if you take one step forward with all kindness. Please contact us for more information.
DREAM INDIA works with a Board of management in Orissa, India. DREAM India is registered under trust act under the Orissa government. Monthly transaction is thoroughly maintained and annual audit is prepared and submitted to the government of India. Yet we are available to consider to give a clear conscience explanation about the finance to whoever may ask.

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A small charity has a big impact

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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